HiLook, High Performance & Cost effective

Are you looking for peace of mind when you select security system for your business or home? Look at HiLook, Hikvision’s offshoot brand, hits the bulls-eye for the entry-level video surveillance market, providing very cost-effective, easy-to-use and reliable products and services. HiLook is specifically designed to provide flexible high-quality CCTV systems for residential and small-to-medium-sized business, such as retail stores, hotels, mid-sized industry, gas stations, educational facilities, and residential areas are few among the many applicable scenarios.

HiLook Hikvision is the best choice for the limited budget without compromising quality and conformity with safety and regulatory standards. Unlike the professional Hikvision trade range, HiLook can be purchased by non-trade customers. Benefiting from high-cost efficiency, ease of use, maintenance simplicity, in-time upgrading, and professional technical service; the HiLook by Hikvision is not only a product mix but also a therapist for your security-related concerns.

HiLook series is designed around the same high-resolution imaging and analytics technology as Hikvision. However, HiLook does not support the range of smart features, if you categorically need to use features such as intrusion detection, object removal and left luggage, people counting then you would still need to go for one of the more advanced models.

HiLook series carry a 3-year warranty with rapid swap (advanced replacements) in case of any issue, come with brand new 'Quick start and troubleshooting guide' in plain English! Remember, though, the HiLook series is only available from Hikvision’s authorised distributors.

HiLook Series

HiLook range of professional CCTV cameras, DVRs, IP Cameras and NVRs that applies the advantages of internet and networking technologies to the world of video surveillance.

  • HiLook NVR
  • HiLook IP camera
  • HiLook IP CCTV system
  • HiLook DVR
  • HiLook camera
  • HiLook CCTV kits
  • HiLook PTZ camera
  • HiLook Video intercom
  • HiLook Doorbell
  • HiLook Monitor
  • HiLook PoE Switch
  • HiLook Ethernet Cable
  • HiLook Coax Cable
  • HiLook HiLookVision

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