Hikvision DVR

Hikvision DVR

Hikvision DVRs are an affordable security solution that can connect to analogue HD cameras over coaxial cable provide Full HD resolution, they are supplied with both HDMI and VGA output. Hikvision Turbo HD DVR (Digital Video Recorder) are compatible with Turbo HD-TVI, HD-CVI, AHD, and CVBS (4 in 1) signal input, also support additional IP cameras.

Hikvision Turbo HD DVRs are equipped with 4K encoding, H.265 pro+ video compression technology, strong hybrid access capability, and power over coax (PoC), to provide customers with an excellent experience from installation to operation.

Hikvision has cost-effective DVR models that cover basic needs for small applications, For more expansive projects and larger businesses, choose from more powerful models with advanced functions and/or from our intelligent products. Whatever your needs are, Hikvision has the right product for you.

Hikvision DVR - Ultra Series

The Hikvision Ultra Series DVRs support up to 32 channels of analogue cameras with excellent features such as loop out, POS and RAID. Hikvision Ultra Series DVRs pack strong hybrid access capabilities and for users requiring larger storage space 8 SATA interfaces are great.

Hikvision DVR - Pro Series

Hikvision Pro Series DVR is also known as Hikvision PoC DVR support HD video, 4K resolution output, H.265 pro+ / H.265 encoding technology, power over coax (PoC), multiple VCA events, GUI 4.0, enhanced IP/hybrid access capability, and more.

Hikvision PoC DVR simplifies installation, as one coaxial cable transmits both power and video signal, which reduces installation time and reduce installation costs. Hikvision PoC DVR supports PoC cameras, Turbo HD cameras, IP cameras, analog cameras, and third-party AHD cameras, providing a flexible upgrade path.

Hikvision PoC DVR only transmit power through RG59 coaxial or similar cable, it will not pass through CAT5/6 active/passive balun. PoC capable TVI cameras can be powered locally via a separate power supply allowing them to be used on a none PoC DVR. Hikvision PoC DVRs available in 4,8 and 16 channel DVR, a full complement of Hikvision PoC cameras are also available which together time-saving and cost-effective solution.

Hikvision PoC DVR hit the market include 8-megapixel box and varifocal bullet cameras, and DVRs with 4K UHD HDMI outputs. Models equipped with Hikvision-patented Power over Coax 2.0 (PoC) capabilities also allow users to transmit both UHD video and power over the same coaxial cable, for faster, simpler and less expensive installations using existing infrastructure.

Hikvision Hybrid DVR

Hybrid DVR is quickly growing in popularity because of its versatility. Hikvision Hybrid DVR supports traditional/standard analog cameras and IP cameras. Hikvision Hybrid DVR perfect solution for those who was to keep existing wiring and analog cameras while expanding the capacity with new easy install IP cameras and recording at one place. Some common factors to consider when selecting IP cameras to connect with Hybrid DVR, i.e. total bandwidth available, total megapixels per channel supported and hard drive capacity.

Hikvision Turbo HD DVR

The result is unrivalled performance for the end user allied with the cost-effective installation. If you are not sure of which camera your Hikvision DVR will take, first have a look at the back of your Hikvision DVR and see if the connectors are the same as those shown below. Make sure there are a number of these connectors labeled camera 1, camera 2 and so on. If you have this type of connector on a Hikvision DVR then it's safe to say that it will support a TVI camera.

Hikvision DVR - AcuSense Series

Hikvision AcuSense DVR takes the capabilities of traditional analogue CCTV systems to new heights, helping organizations to lower their surveillance costs and maximize security. Hikvision AcuSense Turbo HD DVR helps customers filter out false alarms, find video evidence faster, and react to real security threats as soon as they occur. Hikvision AcuSense DVRs based on deep learning technology which differentiates between human bodies, animals and vehicles.

Hikvision AcuSense DVR detects vehicles or humans, it filters out false alarms triggered by animals, leaves, and other insignificant objects, and minimizes costly time-consuming manual checks. As an additional benefit, Hikvision AcuSense DVR quickly target search feature identifies and extracts footage of humans and vehicles from vast video datasets automatically, saving staff from searching through massive datasets. Hikvision AcuSense DVRs are able to reduce false alarms to improve alarm accuracy as well as enabling rapid retrieval of past video clips based on humans or vehicles.

Note: Hikvision DVRs will ship with the latest Firmware pre-installed and fully tested ready for immediate use.

Hikvision 4 Channel DVR

Hikvision 4 Channel DVR support 1 x IP Camera in addition to the analogue cameras that means 4 channel DVR will become a 5 channel DVR.

Hikvision 8 Channel DVR

Hikvision 8 Channel DVR support 2 x IP Cameras and Hikvision 16 Channel also support 2 x IP Cameras.

Hikvision 16 Channel DVR

Hikvision 16 Channel DVR support 2 x IP Cameras and Hikvision 16 Channel also support 2 x IP Cameras.

Hikvision 32 Channel DVR

Hikvision DVR supports only Hikvision IP cameras up to 8MP resolution and will need to be power separately, connected to LAN (e.g. Router).

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