Power over Coax

Power over Coax (PoC) technology supports both video signal and power supply transmission over the single coaxial cable. This advanced surveillance system hits the market due to its uniqueness. For the first time, full HD analogue cameras can be installed using only a single cable connection. This is greatly revolutionary because it offers a convenient plug-and-play setup to installers for HD-TVI. This innovative technology has replaced the multiple cables with only one cable while separate cables, sockets and plugs are not required anymore.

Key Benefits of PoC

  • No extra cost on separate cables, sockets and plugs for cameras. Less labor for installation.
  • No extra electrical wiring for cameras
  • Plug and play with power at the same time
  • More stable cctv system with UPS.
  • Flexible system extension by adding new cameras without the limitation of traditional power supplies.

Why use Power over Coax

  • Specifically, this (PoC) advanced technology can be upgraded in the cameras and recorders with existing CCTV systems in the premises.
  • It contains the specific length of cable which is a connection between the video transmission and the PoC camera. The direct proportion of the cable supplies power to video transmission via PoC camera power.
  • Mainly, the quality material of the cable having lower impedance supplies longer data transmission distance. For instance, PoC RG6(75-5) having (max. 6W), covers the distance of 200m as compare to PoC (max. 12w) = 100m

Power over Coax vs Power over Ethernet

  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) is an electronic cabling system that provides power to devices such as wireless access point, IP cameras and VoIP phones.
  • This system also supplies electric power and data connection to devices. PoC is an advanced technology which replaces PoE.
  • With PoE devices the quality of the transmission of the video is Standard Definition (SD). However, PoC provides High Definition (HD) quality of the video transmission.
  • The function of the PoE system to devices such as audio and alarm signal to the recorder, power to the cameras and control signals is at the distance of up to 300m. On the other hand, the transmission of PoC based devices is 200m depending on the PoC version.
  • In the PoE technology, the devices of different companies are compatible with this. For example, connecting a camera with other companies’ adapter or recorder will not affect the operation of the system. On the other contrary, the PoC technology is usually compatible with the same brand devices and connection of different brands devices can cause issue with the entire operating system.